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Next Steps

Brunello Cucinelli

We’re at a point where many of the classic brands are having to make a decision. Make moves forward, or make a stand with their tried and true methods. This applies to all aspecting of the brand–from design to marketing, store visuals to company culture. While the last few years have famously marked a renaissance in menswear, stimulated by an obsession with heritage, there’s that magical question that’s inseparable from the business of the industry: Now what?

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Men of Habit: Marcus


I caught Marcus arriving yesterday morning before many other photographers had gotten in. He’s really stood out as the most stylish guy at Pitti Uomo to me. Good looks and Cucinelli cashmere can get you pretty far, but Marcus has that top-shelf taste that very few–even here at Pitti–possess.

Windows, 1/1

Tincati Milano

Happy New Years, y’all. Hopefully 2013 will be the year I can return to blogging a bit more. With a thesis, graduation, moving into New York, and the new gig at Suitsupply taking my focus in 2012, blogging was pushed to the back of my mind. Starting off the new year on the right foot with some great holiday displays from a few of my favorite shops.

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Well Worn


These days I’m wearing boots more often than dress shoes or sneakers. Not just with jeans or chinos, either. No, I prefer to wear these hiking boots with heavier wool suits in the winter. They’re taking a good beating and will get a polish soon, but to me they look better with a few nicks and scuffs than they do all cleaned up.