Picking Favorites

photo by Ralph Lauren

The archives of Ralph Lauren are certainly dense. While I’ve spent plenty of time combing through them, it’s fair to say I’ve only scratched the surface. Of all the various RL looks that have passed by my eyes over the years, there’s one that has stuck with me above all the rest. Specifically, it was a Ralph Lauren Purple Label look from the Fall/Winter 2006 collection. I remember a few RL designers mentioning how much Ralph loved this collection personally, and looking at the full runway show it’s easy to see why. It was a more directional collection than we’ve seen in recent years, which leaves me wishing they would venture out a bit more–especially with Purple Label.

But back to this look. Why do I love it so much? It’s the perfect combination of the different looks that Ralph Lauren identifies with. There’s just enough British tailoring, collegiate ease of wear, and Western edge. It’s an extremely masculine look without looking totally unapproachable. The rough texture between the suit, sweater, tie, and hat keeps everything from feeling to clean and uptight like many tailored looks fall victim to.

I’m not the sort of guy to make a personal inspiration board, but if I ever do this will be the first photo up.

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